Being the good Girl Scouts that we are, we recycle as much as possible here at Futurefrock, but what to do with all the little bits of plastic that can’t be recycled? Jewellery designer Maria Papadimitriou has the answer!
Plastic Seconds was born out of a love for colourful plastic bottle tops and has grown into a beautifully electic jewellery collection that takes found, discarded objects and gives them a new lease of life.

Sushi Necklace £30

Recycled Bits Charm Long Necklace £35

Large Bottle Rings Long Necklace £25

Single Tiered Pen Lid Necklace £30

This is truly a labour of love for Maria and due to the nature of the process, most of the pieces are one off’s. Perfect if you are looking for something unique and playful.

We are loving the Sushi Necklace and the Recycled Charm Necklace, but be warned, Plastic Seconds are definitely not for the faint hearted! As Maria advises, (don’t be) ‘scared to wear them and get noticed – because you will!’

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  1. To whom it may concern,

    Brilliant post! I work for The Junction Boutique (an online platform who is showcasing a number of talented sustainable designers: and Maria Papadimitriou is one of our designer:

    This is why (I hope you don’t mind), I mentioned your post in our blog: in the category: Press Features.
    This will also be mentioned on our facebook page: and our twitter page:!/TheJBoutique.

    Kind Regards,


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