Now call us fickle, but pop a hot man in some tiny whites and you can probably sell us anything!

Photo by Peter Stigter

Enter conscious style company OAT SHOES.

The Amsterdam based designers are as passionate about style as they are the environment and believing that our future lies in a reconciliation between industry and nature, between mankind and nature, they have chosen to close the loop, come full circle and realize we’re an integral part of the whole thing. We are nature, we were born from it, live in it and we’ve been playing around with it for a while now, building cities and roads and running around, not minding too much about keeping the place clean. And now, up to our knees in waste and with mother earth losing her temper, it’s time for some spring cleaning. And that starts with making greener choices..

The trainers come in four different styles and each pair is 100% biodegradable! In fact OAT’s actively encourage you to bury them in the garden!

Once you have worn them of course and they have reached the end of their lovely lives, OAT’s suggest you throw a Sneaker Funeral in your garden and bury them in the earth. And don’t bother splashing out for flowers to commemorate your beloved sneakers as excitingly each pair of shoes contains a little sachet of wild flower seeds, that will eventually flower, brightening up your garden and marking the passing of your beloved shoes back to mother nature!

Blue High Tops with an extra wide tongue! Available from size 36.

Yellow Sunshine casuals, available from size 36.

Red Geometric Chukkas, available from size 41.

Green Tennis Sneaker, available from size 41.

For more information or to order a pair, go to OAT SHOES.

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